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ANPING HAOYU METAL MESH CO.,LTD.emphasizes on producing series Galvanized Wire Mesh products including Galvanized Welded Iron Wire Mesh. We use choice iron wire in making of welded wire mesh. It can be made welded before galvanizing or welded after galvanizing. The galvanizing of the wire mesh can be electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized. According to processing, welded wire mesh can be divided into two types: welded wire mesh welded before galvanizing or welded wire mesh welded after galvanizing. It can be also classified into electro galvanized welded wire mesh or hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh according to the galvanizing differences.

Generally speaking, welded wire mesh is made of iron wire through automatic process and sophisticated welding technique, with wire laid horizontally and vertically, individually welded at every intersection. Finished products of welded wire mesh offer level and flat surface.

Welded Wire Mesh finds extensive use in construction, transportation, mine industry as fencing and draining materials.
Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh
Wire Gauge (SWG) x Aperture
Net Weight (kg) Rolls/20'fcl Roll Diameter (mm)
14#x1" 62.5 735 380
15#x1" 43 252 360
16#x1" 36.5 252 350
16#x1 1/2" 55.5 252 350
17#x1" 29 330 329
17#x1 1/2" 43.5 330 330
18#x1" 21.5 366 300
18#x1 1/2" 32.5 366 320
18#x1/2" 43.5 366 320
19#x1/2" 30 480 270
19#x1 1/2" 25 480 270
20#x1" 12 510 250
20#x1/2" 24 500 260
21#x1/2" 17.5 650 230
22#x1/2" 15 720 220
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